Video devices


   Video observation systems are obligatory, and at times and a basic element of any modern system of safety.

   The modern equipment of system of video observation allows not only to observe and write down an event event, but also to program reaction of all system of safety at occurrence of supernumerary situations.

   Our company is engaged in designing, installation, adjustment and by the subsequent is served safety and video observation systems. We give production of world leaders in the field of highly technological complex systems of safety, carrying out installation and service of equipment foreign and home producers.

   Company "EXPERT-ELEKTRIK" guarantees to you cooperation with the skilled certificated.

   Having taken advantage of services of our company, you can be quiet for a personal security, and as for safety your movable and real estate. We are assured that services of our company will interest as the people, wishing to secure a personal property, and those who requires safety services in the professional work.

   All given systems are adjusted so that if necessary you can deduce the image both on the TV screen, and on the computer or laptop monitor. Besides it, you can carry out round-the-clock record of video observation, for the further viewing and the analysis.