Company "EXPERT-ELEKTRIK" offers the complete complex of services on introduction of telecommunicational services (communication service). We can offer you any decision in this field, perform complex installation "from nothing" and to "turnkey", perform warranty and post-warranty maintenance of widest field of telecommunicational equipment (including office ATS, digital ATS, mini ATS Panasonic).

   We will perform following kinds of works on design and maintenance of telephone networks:

   1. Design of telephone network
   2. Installation of any difficulty
   3. Modernization and widening of existing networks by means of digital ATS
   4. Modernization and widening of existing connection equipment
   5. Selection, sale of ATS, supply and installation of office ATS and department’s digital ATS
   6. Start-adjustment works and testing of digital ATS
   7. Installation of ATS, connection of ATS, programming of ATS (including programming of mini ATS Panasonic)
   8. Warranty, post warranty and service maintenance of office ATS

All works are carried using equipment of the leading producers.