Structured cable networks - SCN


   Structured Cable Network (SCN) – is a united infrastructure, underlying functioning of building’s local network and provides universal physical environment for data communications, installation of any equipment and work of any standard application. SCN meet the following requirements:

   - is universal, that is signaling provide of existing and perspective kinds of network apparatus for different aims
   - lets organize new work places and change topology of of tract’s transmission without installation of extra cable lines quickly and economically
   - lets organize united exploiting department.

   Structured Cable Network is created while premises are rearranged, building is under erection, and has guaranty not less than 10 years. At the same time development price of SCN, creating SCN and installation of SCN makes only 5% of the general investments into information infrastructure.

   Company "EXPERT-ELEKTRIK", being certificated performer, offers complete list of services on SCN installation – in design, maintenance and creating of structured cable networks:

   - competitive prices for SCN equipment
   - engineering inspection of the object and development of technical proposals with prior cost estimate of suggested expenditures for SCN design, SCN installation
   - SCN design (creating SCN project) and SCN installation
   - testing and diagnostics of cable system, SCN equipment
   - expansion or modernization of functioning cable systems without violation of their efficiency
   - and post warranty service