Fire guard signalling


    System of fire-guard signaling (fire signaling and guard signaling) is meaned for timely signaling of fire at the object (fire signaling) and about факте unendorsed penetration (guard signaling).

   System of fire-guard signaling is integrated into a complex, uniting security systems and engineering systems of the building, providing true address information to security systems: signaling system, fire fighting, smoke removing, access control system.

   Company "EXPERT-ELEKTRIK" will carry out design, installation and further maintenance of fire-guard signaling systems. We offer following equipment for fire- and guard-signaling complectation:

  1. Equipment for central control of fire-guard signaling system;
  2. equipment for data collection and processing from sensors of fire-guard signaling;
  3. sensor devices – sensors and annunciators of fire-guard signaling.

   Main function of guard system is in operative and guarantied signaling of hosts and/or law-enforcement services of unendorsed penetration into guarded premises.

   The task solution is only possible when the object is well equipped with up to date and high reliable technical means of guard signalling.

   But the highest effect is reached when connecting it with guarding services.