Designing and installing organization LLC "EXPERT-ELEKTRIK" carries out the following kinds of design and electrical works of your flat, cottage, office, bank, shop:

Design works:
  1. getting technical conditions at SPiPR MKS MOSENERGO;
  2. exterior power supply design (part "ЭС");
  3. lighting designing (part "ЭО") and interior electrical equipment (part "ЭМ");
  4. project’s agreement at Energosbit of Moscow;
  5. project’s agreement at Energonadzor of Moscow;
  6. getting agreement for electrical energy using for thermal aims;
  7. carrying out author’s supervision.
Electrical installation works:
  1. lighting and interior electrical equipment installation;
  2. start-adjusting works;
  3. dismantling works;
  4. construction accompaniment, power supply organization of means of construction mechanization, electrician on duty service;
  5. certification of electric power calculation units;
  6. certification of electricity generating plant and getting certification documentation;
  7. electrical installation commissioning into Energonadzor;
  8. getting the act of putting into operation;
  9. the following technical maintenance of the object.
Electrical measuring:
  1. Report №1 of visual seeing;
  2. Report №2: testing of circuit presence between grounded plants and their elements;
  3. Report №3: testing of wiring, cable and winding isolation of electrical plants;
  4. Report №4: testing of “phase-neutral” parameters accordance to characteristics of security devices and devices of continuity of protecting conductors;
  5. Report №5: circuit breaker’s tests up to 1000V;
  6. Report №6 of testing and checkout of circuit breakers ruling by differential current (УЗО);
  7. Defect list.
Feeble current nets:
  1. assembly works on SKS;
  2. assembly works on telephone nets;
  3. assembly works on video monitoring;
  4. fire-guard signalization;
  5. fire notification.
All kinds of activities have necessary licenses.

Wiring production supply:

The supply department of LLC “EXPERT-ELEKTRIK” will carry out the supply of electrical equipment (electrical boards, circuit breakers, devices of protection disconnection) of leading producers ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric and wiring production (receptacles and switches) Gira, Kopp, Simon, Prodax, Eljo, Elso, Bush-Jaeger, Аnam Legrand, Btichino, Merten, Вerker, Unica, Valena, Zamel.

All electrical equipment and wiring production have certificates of conformance and registration certificates.

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Telephone: (495) 995-70-92 (multi-channel) from 9.00 till 22.00 without holidays
Telephone: (495) 134-40-40 add. 100