Electric measurements


    Employees of “EXPERT-ELEKTRIK” company provide electrical measuring works aimed on exposure of accordance to requirements of ПУЭ and ПТЭЭП of electricity supply networks and electrical equipment.

    Measurements and trials can be reception-letting, determining, control, exploitation, and also for certification aims. On the results of finished measurements technical reports made up. It consists of the complete set of reports on ГОСТ Р 50571.16-99 form.

   Technical report is an integral part of a complete set of executive documentation and is necessary for registration in Energosbit and Energonadsor agencies.

   Exploitation trials must be taken more than once in three years.

   Technical report also contains the list of documentation, explanatory note, trial schedule, license copy, the copy of laboratory registration act, certificates copies of control of used instruments, measurement results, defect list, conclusion and the list of used testing equipment and measure devices.

    Laboratory instruments let take more often required kinds of trials and measurements. All the instruments are certificated and are under every year control of State metrological service, which gives controlling certificates.
  1. Report №1 of visual examination.
  2. Report №2 of checking the circuit between the grounded devices and its elements.
  3. Report №3 of checking the wiring isolation, cables and winding of electrical machines.
  4. Report №4 of checking the agreement of “phase-nought” circuit parameters with characteristics of protection and continuity devices of protective conductors.
  5. Report №5 of checking the circuit breakers with voltage by 1000 V.
  6. Report №6 of checking and testing the devices of protection disconnection.
  7. Defect list.