Board assemblage


   Assemblage office of ‛EXPERT-ELEKTRIK“ will professionally execute the assemblage of modular boards for general contractor and installation organizations and private persons. We will assembly a board for Your flat, cottage, office, shop, etc.

    The assemblage is executed on typical schemes and private Client’s schemes using national and foreign equipment by "ABB", "Schneider Electric", "Legrand", "Siemens". When assembling boards only certificated and high-quality details are used. We offer development, completing, commutation and transport of the boards.

   Quality control of the details and ready boards is established for quality providing of the ready production. Medium term of the board’s assemblage is one or two weeks. Warranty period – 1year.

   We make business offer for board assemblage before the order, and then after it’s confirmation we make it’s assembling. Assembling of the board includes it’s appearance and the scheme of connection of triple, monopolar circuit breakers, knife-switches, contactors, relays, devices of protection disconnection, differential circuit breakers and so on.

   The assemblage is executed by using of connecting bus-bars (block terminals), multi-stranded conductors with tips, clamps and roughing instrument.

    The marking of the board is made after the assemblage. Circuit breakers inside of the board are marked as removable panel at the case. Metal doors of the board are grounded by connecting to bus-bar "РЕ".

To the list of production are included:
  1. distributing devices ВРУ
  2. Leasee’s control board ВРЩ
  3. distribution boards РЩ
  4. illumination boards ЩО
  5. power boards ЩС
  6. control boards ШУ
    For placing an order for board’s assembly You need: give us the task by fax or e-mail, loading diagram, equipment specification.