Electrical installing works


   We carry out electrical installing works on our projects or given us by the Client.

   According to equipment and material specification we make out business offer as Contractor, and then sign a contract, which attracts main duties of the Client and Contractor, the list of carried works, cost estimation of materials and works, schedule of works.

Electrical installing office carries out the following works:
  • cable path marking, perforating of building constructions;
  • installation and commutation of circuit breakers, devices of protection disconnection, differential circuit breakers of control boards;
  • interior illumination, exterior illumination and signboard illumination;
  • laying of distribution power network;
  • laying of common group receptacles network;
  • laying of computer group receptacles network;
  • laying of feeble current computer, telephone and TV networks;
  • installing and connection of switches and lighting regulators;
  • installing of power electrical equipment;
  • connection of electrical receivers of ventilation and air-conditioning network;
  • installing and connection of power receptacles;
  • installing and connection of feeble current receptacles;
  • installing and connection of distributive boxes and installation boxes;
  • arrangement of main and additional potential compensation device;
  • arrangement of lightning guard.
On carrying out of some work phases we work out acts:
  • act for marking paths;
  • act for hidden works;
  • act for testing of lighting mounting;
  • act for testing of main and additional potential compensation;
  • act of letting out and acceptance of accomplished works.
    We give executive documentation of the object, wall’s sections with cable paths, cable journals, certificates of conformance for equipment and materials.

Pay forms:
  • Our organization works with any forms of payment, signing contract, cost estimating and schedule of installation works.
Structure of electrical installing office:

We have the following collective which works on continuing basis:

Main engineer

Head of the wiring site - 2 persons.

Superintendent of works - 3 persons.

Electricians numbering 21 persons.
  • Skill category more than 4-th;
  • Middle length of service in speciality more than 5 years;
  • Attestation according to up to date performance requirements.
  • Signing the contract guarantees You opportune performance and full value of works;
  • All kinds of carried installation works and agreements have one year guarantee.
Our advantages:
  • High experience of all our employees и conscientious performance;
  • When making electrical installation works we use the best installing instrument of foreign production;
  • Permanent quality control of executing works.
  • Building license: Д 399594 от 19.01.2004 г. ГС-1-77-01-27-0-7725241743-014800-1